I go by she/her pronouns!

lesbian (avid Vanny/Vanessa simp at that)

22 yo

howdy, I'm Joy! but I go by Jutlin Butler or Cheedo as well. I'm a furry artist with WAY too many ocs that I love to draw!! I draw fanart as well, and my current interests I may draw for are listed below!

I love animals and collecting things such as bones and shells, with a particular interest in marine biology. I have a specific interest in marine/aquatic birds, and hope to work with them one day! despite my interest in marine life, however, my favorite animals ever are bats! you can probably tell where my username comes from now! I have an interest in horror and love trying my hand at making some spooky content, and in the same vain, I adore concepts like weirdcore and liminal spaces which I may also include! feel free to visit my socials as well as ask me any questions you have!

I welcome interactions with open arms, just please be aware that I'm not interested in being friends/mutuals with anyone under 17, as it makes me uncomfortable. additionally, anything remotely homophobic, transphobic, racist, pedophillic, and/or zoophillic is NOT tolerated here. with all that said, I hope you enjoy your stay!

currently, I am into:

  • Warrior Cats
  • Attack on Titan
  • Five Nights at Freddy's

some music I enjoy is:

my socials:

some extra links, for funsies!: